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San Diego Historical Society cutting loose Marston House, Villa Montezuma

Villa Montezuma - photo courtesy of San Diego Historical Society

Villa Montezuma - photo courtesy of San Diego Historical Society

The San Diego Historical Society recently announced it can no longer maintain two historic properties, the Marston House and Villa Montezuma.

The Marston House, built in 1906 by city father George Marston, was closed to the public last Sunday, February 15. It’s especially ironic that the SDHS will no longer be maintaining it, as Marston helped found the society 81 years ago. The property is located at the edge of Balboa Park on Seventh Avenue.

Villa Montezuma, a Queen Anne gem built in 1887, has been closed for repairs since 2006. It’s located on K Street in Sherman Heights.

Both properties will be handed back to the city of San Diego. Given our city’s current financial state, it’s probable that another entity would be needed to raise funds, maintain the properties and reopen them to the public.


Tanning, A San Diego "Fun Fact"

Fun Fact about San Diego: 

Tanning Salons Outnumber McDonalds, Starbucks

San Diego, one the naturally sunniest spots in the nation, has more tanning salons than Starbucks or McDonald’s, according to a San Diego State study on skin cancer out Tuesday…

The study calculated the density of indoor tanning facilities in 116 large U.S. cities and found that, in 2006, tanning salons in San Diego, as well as nationwide, outnumber Starbucks or McDonald’s. FULL STORY

Um… All I have to say is that I did think there were a lot of tan blonde people here when I first arrived. But, keep in mind I came from the San Francisco Bay Area where there were countless pale brunettes. So who knows.

San Diego’s Twitter Community: Birds of Paradise

All of the San Diego Metblog writers that I personally know, I met on Twitter. If you didn’t already know this, San Diego has a great, enthusiastic and powerful Twitter community.

Currently, the city is ranked 13th worldwide for its Tweeples’ activity.

The top Twitterers in this region are also some of the top in the world. Twitter Grader refers to them as San Diego’s ‘elite’ Twitterers. @marismith, for instance, is ranked #1 in this region and in the top 100 of all ranked users. 

Naturally, many of the people most active on Twitter are ‘social media mavens,’ so I personally suggest that if you’re looking to keep your Twitterstream fresh, diverse, and relevant, be careful not to jump in by following only the top Twitterers. You’d be missing out on a lot.

Mix it up with great San Diego attractions and venues like @gaslampquarter or news media like @sdut. Or how about both with @sdtips which combines local travel tips, news and a lot more. Or journalists like @dodgemedlin who you can always count on to post topical and timely links.

Follow local Metblog authors like @juliewright (me), @thepegisin, @viss, @morrisato and more. Most of the authors include a link to their Twitter stream on their bios, so go check them out.

TweetIt from HubSpot

There are personalities to follow here too like @chriscantore who’s a fount of local music knowledge and as entertaining ever. Or @sddialedin if you’re looking for recommendations on the local music scene–in real-time, by the way, which often means 2 a.m. for her. If classic rock is more your bag, you can’t beat @sdradio for his encyclopedic knowledge.

If you’re a morning person and preternaturally perky, you’ll enjoy the good natured posts of @marismith (see link above), @sugarjones, and @lotusamy.

You can stay connected to the city of San Diego via @mayorsanders.

And if you’re interested in San Diego’s culinary community and what’s fresh, follow @carondg, @aliceqfoodie and @pinchmysalt.

I suggest you chase those food posts down with a beer post or two from @stonegreg of Stone Brewing and @beermolly.

If you’re interested in San Diego’s biotech industry, follow @sdbn.  And if you’re interested in the future and health of its fast food industry and leading spokesperson, follow @jackbox (who’s apparently in a coma but you can count on his staff to keep his account updated.)

It really helps to get out and meet your Tweeps in person, and for that, you need to follow @jbruin who organizes San Diego TweetUps like the one this Saturday night. (I wish I could go but I have a ‘thing’… I just love saying that.)

This list is just a start. I’ll try to share more links to local San Diego Tweeps in the future. And I encourage you to share your favorites by commenting below.

San Diego is a giant place!

Whenever I hear anybody talk about San Diego the only thing I ever hear about is downtown. Its interesting to me that the people who choose to visit our city mostly end up in the gaslamp quarter. I thought it would be wise to illustrate how easy it is to find awesome places to hangout, eat and enjoy ones self in San Diego when one doesn’t find themselves downtown.

History Right Under Your Nose

Most San Diegans think of the Gaslamp Quarter as the destination for nightlife and dining. While that is true, my favorite reason to head to the Gaslamp is to learn history about San Diego and to take photos of architecture.

Historic buildings are marked with a plaque such as this one for the Old City Hall building.

You can easily walk around and find these plaques and read about the building’s history. There is a great book that you can use for reference: San Diego Architecture: From Mission to Modern by Dirk Sutro. (I have seen it at SDMA’s bookstore but it is also available on Amazon.)

I’m long overdue for another walking adventure in the Gaslamp. If any like-minded arhictecture-history-photography enthusiasts want to join me, feel free to comment and we’ll organize an outing.

Natural History Museum Excavating Fossils Downtown, How Cool is That?

San Diego Natural History Museum staff have been carefully moving a 500,000 year old mammoth fossil found at downtown at the construction site of the new Tomas Jefferson School of Law campus on Park & Island since its discovery on 5 FEB 2009.

I skated by the site last weekend after a tweet from @SDNHM let everyone know that spectators could watch the excavation process from the Park Blvd side.  I checked again on my way to work this morning, and there still appears to be some work left for them to do.  If you’re in the area, take a peep, it’s not every day you get to see paleontologists at work in an urban setting.  While you’re at it, give @SDNHM a follow and learn some interesting facts about the ancient history of San Diego.  It is #followfriday after all.


Image used under Creative Commons license, via flickr - please click to check out the rest of Steeljams photostreem

I wonder if our new fossil will look this cool when they finish digging it up? Image used under Creative Commons license, via flickr - please click to check out the rest of Steeljam's photostreem

Sailors Charged With Murder

There is a love-hate relationship between the US Navy and Tijuana. Recently two sailors were arrested and charged with the aggravated assault and attempted murder of a prostitute. In addition, witnesses have identified the two men as being responsible for the murder of a prostitute last month.

SAN DIEGO – Tijuana Mayor Jorge Ramos said, “He who breaks the law in this country will pay the consequences … in this case we are trying to be hospitable with the tourists but they will pay for their crime.” (FULL STORY)

Back in ’95, when I first arrived in San Diego, Tijuana used to be off-limits to all military personnel. The legal drinking age was 18 and up in base bars and clubs, limited to beer. Then in mid ’96 the ban was lifted and slowly every military run bar eventually closed. Recently rules were added that required a sailor to submit a request form to their command in order to receive permission to enter Mexico.

Since the rules currently in place did not prevent the attacks these men are charged with, I am partial to a ban on Tijuana for all military personnel to be reinstated. San Diego is home to many young sailors who are either underage or just past the legal drinking age of 21. Tijuana is not the place for them to rely on access to alcohol. I think that the tourism industry in Tijuana can afford to lose the money that military personnel would spend there in order to drink legally. But we cannot afford to lose more Sailors and Marines because of poor choices.

Hard Times Visit Even The Finest of Cities

It seems like these days everyone, including San Diego, has been feeling the effects of an economy turned sour.  Perhaps the most obvious sign of this has been a visible increase in the number of homeless under bridges, sleeping in cars, or wedged in stoops.

The bridge near my house has always been a safe haven for local hobos, most of whom were friendly and usually only stayed there an evening or two before rotating to one of the other bridges nearby or visiting Father Joe’s down the way.  These days though, there are so many new faces setting up semi permanent tents that I really wonder what sort of steps, if any, we as citizens or the city could take to help all these folks. (more…)

San Diego’s Astroglide Enjoying Economic Slide

I had the chance to chat with the inventor of Astroglide this morning at the San Diego North Economic Development Council’s monthly meeting. Yes, the famous personal lubricant is made right here in Vista and greases the proverbial skids of our local economy. The formulation was discovered by Dan Wray back in 1979–I think it was for some kind of aerospace application since he was a NASA chemist. Seriously. Hence the ‘Astro.’ Somehow–and we’ll skip over this part of the narrative–its value as a personal lubricant was discovered.

Well, it turns out, after chatting to him this a.m., that sex is recession-proof. Probably not news to Metblog readers. And with more people staying home, Astroglide sales are climaxing swelling — gosh, can’t find the right word — anyhow, sales are good.

And this product is global. Astroglide has distributors from Saudi Arabia to Iceland. Wow. So, despite these tough economic times, doesn’t it just make you warm all over to know that Astroglide is one of our region’s red-hot exports. And if that isn’t enough to make you feel really, really good, then how about the fact that Astroglide is non-toxic and water based. Oh yeah….Someone cue the Barry White.

Racquel Welch’s San Diego Connection

Movie actress Raquel Welch was once a beauty pagent title holder as Miss San Diego and as Miss Fairest of the Fair at the San Diego County Fair.  She was a weather forecaster at KFMB, a local San Diego television station and she attended SDSU (then San Diego State College).

After moving to Los Angeles and being cast in bit parts she landed a leading role in the sci-fi movie Fantastic Voyage. Welch went on to star in the remake of One Million Years B.C. (see the image of her above in a prehistoric animal-skin bikini). Over the years she has appeared in some less than memorable roles, but had a good showing in a 1997 episode of Seinfeld where she played a highly temperamental version of herself.

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