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Where did all the Pink Tents come from?

Since my last post on homelessness, I’ve been paying close attention to the downtown homeless population.  NPR had a great send up of the changing demographic here in San Diego and across the country.  Even though the winters here in San Diego aren’t too harsh, I’ve been wondering about how these folks continue to sleep out in the cold or rain every night.  Then a few weeks ago I noticed the tents.  At first one or two, but then recently I saw a nice orderly row of pink tents while I was out skating the other night.

You may have seen them yourself, especially if you’ve been around the Central Library or Post Office on G Street after closing or on C Street near the recently defunct Hotel Churchill.  Tents, many of them pink, have been popping up along sidewalks throughout downtown at night.

My question is: where did all the pink tents come from?  Is it a city thing?  A church donation program thing?  Were they surplus from somewhere?  If you know, please drop something in the comments because I haven’t been able to find out.


Hard Times Visit Even The Finest of Cities

It seems like these days everyone, including San Diego, has been feeling the effects of an economy turned sour.  Perhaps the most obvious sign of this has been a visible increase in the number of homeless under bridges, sleeping in cars, or wedged in stoops.

The bridge near my house has always been a safe haven for local hobos, most of whom were friendly and usually only stayed there an evening or two before rotating to one of the other bridges nearby or visiting Father Joe’s down the way.  These days though, there are so many new faces setting up semi permanent tents that I really wonder what sort of steps, if any, we as citizens or the city could take to help all these folks. (more…)

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