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San Marcos looking healthy

What’s a healthy community these days? Well, one that’s financially sound and San Marcos has a balanced budget this year despite forecasting a $3 to $4 million decline in annual revenues over the next three years.

It would also have to be one that’s creating a sustainable community. And in San Marcos, the newest fire station to open (the one up on San Elijo Road) is one of only five in the nation to be LEED¬†certified.

The CSUSM library is one of campuss newer buildings and overlooks San Marcos.

The CSUSM library is one of campus's newer buildings and overlooks San Marcos.

I heard these things from Mayor Jim Desmond at his state of the city address which I attended with colleagues from Cal State San Marcos March 10.

A new park was opened this past year and two more are in various stages of creation. New business tenants are opening in a development across from City Hall. (Including Pizza Nova–I have a weakness for their bread.)¬†

Mayor Desmond shared the credit with his council but gave a big shout-out to his city manager Paul Malone plus the former city manager Rick Gittings. (more…)

Sailors Involved in Recent Drug Busts

In recent news, word of an ongoing sting operation were released with the results of those involved. But it wasn’t your average, run of the mill criminals this time. Included in the busts were US Navy Sailors along with some 30 other people as well. And it wasn’t in an average troubled neighborhood either. It was in one of the many San Diego area off-base housing sites.

Officers posing as buyers seized two pounds of crystal methamphetamine, a half a pound of powder cocaine, one gram of heroin, OxyContin and Ecstasy pills and more than 400 marijuana plants during the three month investigation. Also seized were $19,000 and seven guns, including several semi-automatic handguns. (FULL STORY)

Now while I’m not surprised as to the involvement of Sailors, I am surprised that folks who were living in the military housing allowed something like this to happen in their neighborhood. The reason that I choose not to live in military housing is the same as to why this should have never occurred in the first place: Folks talk a lot about their neighbors in housing areas and the gossip mill is in overdrive. I would expect that the busy-bodies of the neighborhood prevented this from happening in the first place.

Now myself, I’ve been in the Navy for 15 years and most of that time has been spent in San Diego. I’ve seen plenty of people get in trouble for testing positive for drug use. Most of the time I’ve missed the signs of drug use in people that I work with that have tested positive. But I know from personal experience if there is drug activity around my home and my family, it’s not going to last for long. I cannot fathom how folks let this happen under their noses, no pun intended.

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