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How Did I Get Here?

*tap tap* Hello? Is this thing on? Oh hi! Fancy seeing you here! It looks like we are up and running on this San Diego Metblogs thing. Phew! I have to say I am excited and nervous at the same time. Oh well. What can you do? Write! Or well… Blog. You see, I am a bit more blogger than writer. So my writing blogging style might be a bit more casual than usual. By the way, my name is Daniel. Nice to meet you! I’ll have to update that Author Bio thing sooner than later. 

Now that that’s out of the way, I should tell you a bit about how I got here. Not here the blog, but here in San Diego. You see, I am not a native. (Is that okay? Maybe I should have not mentioned that… sssh!) Anyhoo, I am a transplant from Northern California. The San Francisco Bay Area to be exact. I never dreamed I’d live elsewhere. *cue dramatic music* 

We were living in San Mateo to be exact. What a cute town. I loved it. I commuted into downtown SF to work at my (then) dream job right on fabulous Union Square. Life was perfect. One day 4 years ago my partner comes home with a question. “How would you feel about moving?” I didn’t. It was never an option. I didn’t know. When he told me it was San Diego, and his job would relocate us I was curious. I had never been to San Diego. I had never seen it really other than TV and a postcard or two. I new it was south of LA but other than that I wasn’t even sure where it was! I did know that it was beautiful, and famous for it’s weather. I also was keenly aware that it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. We’d never go that far on our own. 

I said yes. 

The rest happened really fast. Arranging a transfer with my company, getting thru holiday, and suddenly living on Hotel Circle while looking for apartments.. It really was a blur. I had some time off before going back to work and was on my own. I got lost everyday trying to get to a grocery store. I was frustrated. I thought moving was a huge mistake! But I survived. I got to know my way around, I got a new dream job, and for a year we spent our days off doing all the tourist stuff possible in San Diego. I have since fallen in love with this gorgeous city. Moving here, sight unseen even, was the best thing I ever did. 

I look forward to writing blogging about it.

Taa-daa! San Diego’s metblog is live!

Photo courtesy of the talented and popular @Viss

Picture courtesy of the talented and popular @Viss

San Diego is the second-largest city in California, and a techie magnet by any standards – often nicknamed Silicon Beach. So I was amazed to see that our fair city was not represented with a metroblog here. How could that be? If local bloggers were snakes – ouch, another one just bit me. As your child gets older, the more technology-based their toys are going to get. That doesn’t mean that they can’t be just as educational as the toddler toys they had in preschool, though. There are a lot of choices out there when it comes robot toys for kids, in
you can find different models , you can chose the best one for your needs.

“Well, no one from your town has stepped up,” said Sean Bonner. Oh, well, if THAT’S all it takes…by evening’s end, 13 SD bloggers had volunteered.

I just started a movie blog of my own ( about a month ago, so I did hear some snarky comments about how ironic it was that the n00b would get this thing going. But you know, I think blogging is a lot like being a clerk at Tower Records. Show up 3 days in a row, and they make you a supervisor.

Expect this space to bring you quirky, offbeat observations by San Diego blogerati, as well as alerts about upcoming San Diego events, mostly likely about beer, noms, movies, music, art, photography, social media, and probably more beer. Bonfires. Tweetups. Stuff like that.

Want to be an author? You must live in San Diego, and you should probably contact me soon, as I hear they will cap that list at about 20. Read these guidelines, then email me at

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