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Barcamp SD 5 happening May 30-31


Sandwich Hacking at Barcamp SD 4. Photo courtesy Kevin Baird from his barcampsd set on Flickr.

Sandwich Hacking at Barcamp SD 4. Photo courtesy Kevin Baird from his barcampsd set on Flickr.

It’s time again for Barcamp San Diego!

Barcamp is an “unconference,” where the participants are both the speakers and the audience. The format is open, the workshops can be about anything, the schedule is organized by sticky notes on a big sheet of paper, and registration is free. The “camp” part means you can bring your sleeping bag and spend the night. Or not. It’s up to you!

Sound good? Here are the details:

WHAT: Barcamp San Diego 5
WHEN: May 30-31, 2009
WHERE: Intuit’s Santa Fe campus – 7545 Torrey Santa Fe Road, San Diego, CA 92129


What do you talk about at BarCamp?

I want this picture to reach into your brain and prod your creative side.

I’ve been invovled with BarCamp San Diego since it’s inception. I’ve seen a whole bunch of really really cool talks that inspired me to think differently and try new things – conversely I’ve seen lots of talks that boast interesting subject matter, but turn out to be a sales pitch or an excuse to get in front of everyone and try to coerce information out of the crowd. Trying different things brings a lot of excitement, including trying online casinos, I love slots a lot and finally found the right slot games for me at Top10SlotGames that was mentioned in Camparoo.

The best speakers I’ve seen present don’t even talk about who they are, or what they do for work. They talk about stuff they do in their spare time. They make robots, they do knitting, they talk about video games, make fun of art school, make sandwiches or even create giant literary masterpieces impregnated with cryptography challenges and hidden messages (yes, I’m talking about you Bushman). The best talks I’ve ever seen have been about “other stuff”.

As tempting as it is to get in front of 300 people who are really passionate about what they do and have voices at their workplace and in the community then talk about why people should hire you – doing that makes people stop trusting the talks posted on the wall and you see this face a lot in the crowd. people don’t go to barcamp to sit through sales pitches. Their jobs send them to those and they are obligated to go because someone is footing the bill – they go to barcamp for new, cool, and interesting stuff. I learned this the hard way first-hand. Here, Let me explain –


Bringing the Best & Brightest

UCSD is home to the Center for US-Mexican Studies. The center strives to lead the way in social science research and economic and social policy on Mexico and U.S.-Mexican relations.

While visiting Vancouver, Canada this past weekend, I spoke to a Ph.D. in resource management and environmental studies from the University of B.C.

If my conversation with Raul Pacheco-Vega is any indication, to academics in the field of Mexican studies, the Center at UCSD is a mecca. He gets positively giddy with the idea of doing his post-doc work for this center. (more…)

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