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Sailors Charged With Murder

There is a love-hate relationship between the US Navy and Tijuana. Recently two sailors were arrested and charged with the aggravated assault and attempted murder of a prostitute. In addition, witnesses have identified the two men as being responsible for the murder of a prostitute last month.

SAN DIEGO – Tijuana Mayor Jorge Ramos said, “He who breaks the law in this country will pay the consequences … in this case we are trying to be hospitable with the tourists but they will pay for their crime.” (FULL STORY)

Back in ’95, when I first arrived in San Diego, Tijuana used to be off-limits to all military personnel. The legal drinking age was 18 and up in base bars and clubs, limited to beer. Then in mid ’96 the ban was lifted and slowly every military run bar eventually closed. Recently rules were added that required a sailor to submit a request form to their command in order to receive permission to enter Mexico.

Since the rules currently in place did not prevent the attacks these men are charged with, I am partial to a ban on Tijuana for all military personnel to be reinstated. San Diego is home to many young sailors who are either underage or just past the legal drinking age of 21. Tijuana is not the place for them to rely on access to alcohol. I think that the tourism industry in Tijuana can afford to lose the money that military personnel would spend there in order to drink legally. But we cannot afford to lose more Sailors and Marines because of poor choices.

Sailors Involved in Recent Drug Busts

In recent news, word of an ongoing sting operation were released with the results of those involved. But it wasn’t your average, run of the mill criminals this time. Included in the busts were US Navy Sailors along with some 30 other people as well. And it wasn’t in an average troubled neighborhood either. It was in one of the many San Diego area off-base housing sites.

Officers posing as buyers seized two pounds of crystal methamphetamine, a half a pound of powder cocaine, one gram of heroin, OxyContin and Ecstasy pills and more than 400 marijuana plants during the three month investigation. Also seized were $19,000 and seven guns, including several semi-automatic handguns. (FULL STORY)

Now while I’m not surprised as to the involvement of Sailors, I am surprised that folks who were living in the military housing allowed something like this to happen in their neighborhood. The reason that I choose not to live in military housing is the same as to why this should have never occurred in the first place: Folks talk a lot about their neighbors in housing areas and the gossip mill is in overdrive. I would expect that the busy-bodies of the neighborhood prevented this from happening in the first place.

Now myself, I’ve been in the Navy for 15 years and most of that time has been spent in San Diego. I’ve seen plenty of people get in trouble for testing positive for drug use. Most of the time I’ve missed the signs of drug use in people that I work with that have tested positive. But I know from personal experience if there is drug activity around my home and my family, it’s not going to last for long. I cannot fathom how folks let this happen under their noses, no pun intended.

Airport Expansion

One thing about San Diego that is important to know is that we are a big tourist town. America’s Finest City and all that… With that, the transportation in and out of our city is always a point of controversy. In fact since I have been here there has been debate about what to do with the airport, Lindbergh Field. At least until 2006 when the proposal to move it was voted down.

The latest news is a 4 billion dollar “improvement project”

SAN DIEGOMost of Lindbergh Field’s passenger and transit services would be shifted to the north side of the airport if a proposed $4 billion improvement project unveiled Monday goes forward.

The project, which would be completed in three phases through 2030, would create a transit center that would link train, bus and trolley service to the airport and eventually high-speed rail.

It would include a new passenger terminal, parking lots, rental car hub and direct access to the airport from Interstate 5. (FULL STORY)

For me, I think this sounds pretty good. Access directly from the 5 would keep folk from having to clog up downtown and Harbor Island to get into the airport. (Harbor Island is home to one of my favorite down town views) If the parking is done right, like garages maybe, that is a major win as well. However, wasn’t the whole point to wanting to move the airport to add another runway? To ease actually airport congestion as well?

What do you all think of this project?

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