Fitness on the Cheap Tuesdays: Mission Bay Park (Wednesday Late Edition)

Mission Bay, image courtesy of Jim Wallace licensed under the Creative Commons. Click to check out his Flickr Stream.

Mission Bay, image courtesy of Jim Wallace licensed under the Creative Commons. Click to check out his Flickr Stream.

This week’s FotCT rounds out my San Diego Triple Crown of best spots around the city to work out.  It also happens to be the largest man-made aquatic park in the entire country at more than 4,000 acres of sand and sea.  Of course I’m speaking of Mission Bay Park, one of San Diego’s largest free attractions, drawing an estimated 15 million visitors every year.  This week, hopefully it will draw out some sweat.  Details after the jump.

There are nearly 19 miles of shoreline to jog around, if you went from one end of the bay to the other, but for today let’s focus on the area of the map closest to the 5 freeway, along Mission Bay Dr. starting at either the area marked by the number 4 (De Anza Cove) or 11 (South Shores) on the map.  If you choose to drive here, get here early as parking WILL fill up quickly, especially during the Summer months.  It’s also probably a good idea to get here around sunrise for the best views. Besides, you want to get the blood flowing early in the morning, right?


Click for a larger version. Image courtesy of San Diego Park and Rec.

The focus of today’s work out will be just South of the number 13 (Tecolote Shores) on the map, a bit North of the bridge that would take you to Fiesta Island.  There is a large sand lot with a bunch of play equipment that can also be used for things like dips, incline push ups, and big steps that can be used for step ups and plyometric jumps.  If you’re looking for a good warm up, I suggest starting at De Anza Cove and jogging down to the playground at the bottom of Tecolote Shores.  Once at the playground area you’ve got tons of options.  There is a push up bar just to the North of the park, hidden just outside of the sand lot.  Additionally, the sand lot is just the right size for a few shuttle runs across the sand.

If you’re hurting for ideas, here’s what I might do here:

Push-ups 20, 15, 10, 5
Knees To Elbows 15, 10, 5, 20
Ring Dip 10, 5, 20, 15
Pull-up 5, 20, 15, 10

This means 1st round looks like:

20 push-ups, 15 KTEs, 10 Ring Dips, and 5 Pull-ups in a circut.

Next round looks like 15 Push-ups, 10 KTEs, etc.

This is modified version of the workout sometimes known as “Tears & Power“.  The original replaces the push-ups with a bench press @ 135#, but I think push-ups make a nice body weight substitution when you’re working out in the wild.  After your done, enjoy the sunrise/endorphins, and jog back to De Anza Cove.  As always, know your limits and have fun!


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