Drinkup: The San Diego chillout Meetup

Theres quite a handful of meetups in town. Blogger meetups, twitter meetups, web dev meetups, web standards meetups, marketing, advertising, CEOS only, martians, Al Pacino look alikes, clowns with ak-47s..

Okay I made those last few up, but there are roughly 10-12 meetups in town, each with their own agenda. The ones that seem to draw the largest crowds are generally held in places that don’t promote communication – loud thumping techno, 15 dollar martinis and packing the attendees into a small venue – great if you’re into that sort of thing.

Drinkup is the exact opposite! Its a meetup with no purpose or agenda other than to just hangout, have a beer, relax and maybe talk a little shop or snap a few pictures.

Drinkup was orchestrated to DIRECTLY cater to the wants and needs of the San Diego scene. At one of the last meetups I had 5 people approach me of their own accord and voice wants and needs they didn’t feel were being fulfilled by any of the other meetup groups. I was happy to oblige! Thus @drinkup was born.

Drinkups primary venues have been the breweries around town, as in most cases on a weeknight the places aren’t packed with people, there isn’t live music you have to yell over, and talking shop about beer with any of the brewmasters if they’re around lends itself well to “Oh hey here’s my new recipe, you should have a taste!” – which is just awesome.

I’ve noticed a *LOT* of beer people coming out of the woodwork.. @jshufelt, @declan, @nicmcc, @beermolly, @imagium, @dantecl, @kevinthompson, @sdradio, @cantondog .. the list goes on. It’s pretty clear the heavy hitters in San Diego certainly appreciate the good beers brewed right here in town.

Drinkup is the perfect place to take it easy. The whole point is for its attendees to have good food, good beer and leave having sighed thinking “wow that was great. I need to do that more often” – as though a weight had been lifted off their shoulders.

Tonight is Drinkup #3, being held at Pizza Port in Solana Beach It begins at 7:30. Come see me early, I’ll buy you a beer!

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