Airport Expansion

One thing about San Diego that is important to know is that we are a big tourist town. America’s Finest City and all that… With that, the transportation in and out of our city is always a point of controversy. In fact since I have been here there has been debate about what to do with the airport, Lindbergh Field. At least until 2006 when the proposal to move it was voted down.

The latest news is a 4 billion dollar “improvement project”

SAN DIEGOMost of Lindbergh Field’s passenger and transit services would be shifted to the north side of the airport if a proposed $4 billion improvement project unveiled Monday goes forward.

The project, which would be completed in three phases through 2030, would create a transit center that would link train, bus and trolley service to the airport and eventually high-speed rail.

It would include a new passenger terminal, parking lots, rental car hub and direct access to the airport from Interstate 5. (FULL STORY)

For me, I think this sounds pretty good. Access directly from the 5 would keep folk from having to clog up downtown and Harbor Island to get into the airport. (Harbor Island is home to one of my favorite down town views) If the parking is done right, like garages maybe, that is a major win as well. However, wasn’t the whole point to wanting to move the airport to add another runway?┬áTo ease actually airport congestion as well?

What do you all think of this project?

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  1. jusco on February 14th, 2009 @ 11:40 am

    Anything that keeps me from having to get stuck in downtown traffic when I pick someone up from the airport it a good idea to me. Oddly though, one of the things I really like about San Diego is the airplanes flying right over the city to land next to the ocean. It just feels like a part of San Diego.

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