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San Diego Tweetup went to The Price is Right

@DowntownRob, Drew Carey and @thepegisin (photo courtesy @brooklynhilary)

@DowntownRob, Drew Carey and @thepegisin (photo courtesy @brooklynhilary)

Jenn Van Grove (@jbruin on Twitter) is known for her innovative ideas, but this one was a doozy. The organizer of the popular San Diego Tweetup decided that the time was right for sdtweetup folks to win some big prizes, so she arranged for a group to be at the December 11th taping of The Price is Right.

About 20 of us started the drive up to CBS Television City before dawn, but with L.A. traffic, we barely made it into the audience on time. Once seated, imagine my shock when I got called to “come on down”! (Okay, I’d been campaigning for it like Barack Obama, and getting tips from Jenn’s brother, a past winner – but still, wow!)

The episode just aired today, so I can finally reveal what I won – a treadmill and $1,000. I actually spun $1.00 on the wheel in one go, putting me in the Showcase Showdown! That was thrilling. When they revealed the showcases, I nearly died laughing – one of them had a SEGWAY! What am I, Gob from Arrested Development? “Come on!”

A very deserving Marine named John won the Showdown, but my group and I got a memorable experience, and it didn’t end there. After the show we walked over to the nearby Saddle Ranch restaurant for lunch, discovered Drew Carey was lunching there also, and bought him a beer. He was really down-to-earth and personable and took a picture with @DowntownRob and me.

And today when the show aired, I got 100+ new followers. I should tell them about the San Diego Metblog!

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