Blind Lady giving away glasses


Sound like the punchline to a tasteless joke? It’s not. Let me explain:

The Blind Lady Ale House, a recently-established purveyor of craft pizza and beer on Adams Avenue, just got in a shipment of beautiful, new, perfect-for-beer-snobs-ahem-I-mean-connoisseurs beer glasses. Hooray! However, they’ve been open for about a month, using their second choice in glassware. That means they now have about double the glasses they’d need day-to-day in their fine establishment.

So tonight they’re having “Not Quite a Pint Night,” in which they solve their storage problem by giving you one of their old glasses to take home when you order a beer. Heck, ask for a complete set. They must have dozens just waiting for a good home.

While you’re at it, give one of their fabulous pizzas a try. My favorite is the Quattro Fromaggio, which I usually have with a Lost Abbey Serpent Stout (which, at 11% alcohol and $4 a glass, is the best cheap thrill in Normal Heights).

I’m tempted to bring my husband by just so he can learn how it feels to take home a glass from a pub without risk of getting caught or having it break in his pocket.

Visit the Blind Lady Ale House at 3416 Adams Avenue in Normal Heights. For hours, see their website, also known as the BLAHG (get it?). You can also follow their co-owner/brewmaster Lee Chase on Twitter at @LeeChase.

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